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Recruitment Solution for Construction, Development, Production & Inspection

Once the drilling team does its work, the construction & development along with the production and Inspection team sets up process systems. Crude oil is managed, and put to optimum use- with minimum wastage by using these systems.

In addition to developing new fields, engineers also manage the existing but rapidly declining oil fields. This activity of construction & development is a manpower intensive process and demands a lot of work from engineers as well as skilled manual labor.

After the initial hurdle of construction and development are overcome, pipelines are laid down to transport the crude oil. Pipelines prove to be the most efficient and cost effective way of getting the oil to the refineries. The construction of these pipelines is a humongous task and involves a lot of investment and more importantly, manpower of able construction and production Engineers and workers who make this colossal task possible.

Maintenance of these vast network of pipelines is also necessary to ensure that there is no oil spillage and waste due to faults in the pipelines. Losses and damages can be minimized by the QA/QC specialists, Inspectors, Pipeline walkers and preventive maintenance engineers. They keep a vigil over the pipelines to avoid any losses in transportation until the crude oil reaches the refineries for further processing.

A birds eye view of upstream activities :

Construction & Development
The entire process of setting up the system for drilling and the required infrastructure to support it comes under the purview of construction and development work.

Production & Inspection
The process to make sure that the crude oil is pumped out from the drilling site and transported to refineries is included in the production activity.

Job Profiles

Some of the oil gas recruitment profiles facilitated by Shella Consultants in the upstream activities are for construction, development, production and inspection. These profiles are listed below-
  • Supervisor - Workover Rig Operation
  • Offshore Production Operator
  • Production Training Instructors
  • Senior Well Operations Engineer
  • Offshore Oil and Gas C and B Production Platform Operators
  • Service Supervisor
  • Completions Foreman / Major O&G Company / Rockies
  • Platform Lead-Operators
  • Platform Lead-Operators
  • Project Manager
  • Specialist Operations Supervisor
  • Sr. Production Analyst
  • Superintendent - Oil/Gas Truck Workover Ops
  • Production Supervisors / Superintendents
  • Workover Rigs - All Positions
  • Fracturing Project Manager
  • Oil & Gas Facility Construction Consultant
  • Pressure Vessel Inspector
  • Fire / Gas Technician
  • Well Services Supervisor - ops0173
  • Offshore Production Manager
  • Lead, A ,B Production Operators - Offshore
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Production Operator
  • A&B Production Operators
  • Open Hole Operators
  • Control Room Operator Offshore Experience
  • Tunnel
  • Utility Field Operator
  • Field Operator
  • Process Operator
  • Mechanic - Workover Rigs
  • Global Deployment Leader - Production Operations
  • Senior Consultant / Asset Risk Management
  • Offshore Production Manager
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Production Operator
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Technical Specialist
  • Field Foreman
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Platform Operator
  • Instrument / Production Technician
  • Completions Supervisor
  • Platform Lead Operator
  • Production Supervisor
  • Lead, A ,B Production Operators
  • Lease Operators/Pumpers
  • Field Service Specialist
  • Completion Engineer
  • Fluid Transport Truck Supervisor
  • Production Operator
  • Fishing Tool Specialist
  • Sr. Completions Engineer
  • Offshore Oil and Gas C and B Production Platform Operators
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Production Platform Operator
  • C and B Production Operators
  • Panel Operator
  • Commissioning Engineering
  • Pre-Commissioning Engineering

Why Us?

Our aim is to provide our clients with value based human resource solutions, oilfield jobs, oilfield recruitments that are developed through long term partnerships, founded on integrity, desired results, and a passion for excellence. We strive to be your business partner of choice. Some of our practices include the following-
  • We selectively choose the candidates to fit the needs of our valued customers and create long-term relationships without compromising on our core values.
  • Rigorous validation process to verify information provided by candidates
  • Intensive pre-selection scanning to measure competence and aptitude of candidates.
The professional recruiters at Shella Consultants are experienced in Oil and Gas industry and are committed to searching and identifying the candidates with applicable skills, that are essential to meeting your specific needs.

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