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Why should Shella Consultants be appointed as your favored supplier?
Shella Consultants is a Government Recognized and ISO certified Recruiting Agency. It is one of the major supplier of qualified indian manpower to worldwide projects. We have experienced and technically sound Recruitment Managers and trained staff in our head and branch office.
What is Shella Consultants staff strength and where are their branch locations?
We have a team of 50 professional, trained and experienced staff members in our office handling client coordination, Blue Collar, and White Collar departments. We do not have any branches
What are Shella Consultants Areas Of Specialization?
Over the years we have developed Specialization in handling manpower for Oil & Gas Projects, Power Plants, Petrochemicals & Refinery, Heavy Industries, Civil Construction projects, MEP Construction and Maintenance projects, Hotels & Resorts, Hospitals, Facility Management.
What is Shella Consultants Ten Points Plan as to how they would satisfy our recruitment requirement?
Please find below ten points plan as how we would satisfy your recruitment needs. The under mentioned process are undertaken simultaneously:
  • Databank
    Shella Consultants has an extensive computerized databank. Basically highly Skilled & Technically qualified Professional categories required are sourced from our database.
  • Job Postings in Job portals
  • Headhunting Activity
    We also conduct headhunting in demographic areas where certain specialized categories are available. This activity is an added advantage in sourcing required categories from Specific Industries.
  • Advertising
    The required categories are advertised in leading English language and in selected regional language newspapers which covers releavent cities where the candidates are targeted as per the industry.

    We plan our advertisement schedules based on the categories required, and their availability.
  • Personal interview & Screening
    The cv's sourced from the above process are screened and short-listed by highly experienced and technically qualified Recruitment Managers on the basis of the job description provided by our client.

    The skilled and semi- skilled categories undergo a trade test as per their specifications.

    The overall grading of candidates is carried out based on their professional skills, previous experience, general knowledge, personality and adaptability for work environment. The candidate's shortlisted by us is then presented to the client's representative for the final selection.
  • Planning the Recruitment Trip for Client
    We prepare the itinerary for our clients to visit different cities in India for final interviews .
  • Hotel Bookings
    We also assist our clients to do the hotel bookings in different cities where the interviews are to be conducted.
  • Pre-Screening by our Recruitment Managers
    Our Technically qualified Recruitment Managers travel to different cities for pre-screening & shortlisting the candidates before the final interviews. Also our Managers travel with the delegates to different cities to provide them necessary assistance required at the time of the interviews.
  • Interview arrangements and Facilities
    We have a 4000 Sq. ft office space with 5 air-conditioned cabins to conduct interviews along with Computers, broadband connection, Intercom and Secretarial Assistance.

    We use email, faxes, STD, ISD, Skype & Video Conferencing facilities for communication.
  • To make the entire Recruitment Trip successful we believe in good and strong communication and co-ordination with our clients and pre-screened candidates.
What is Shella Consultants Depth of database available for Design, Engineering, Project Management and Construction Personnel in the Oil & Gas/ Refinery/Petrochemical sectors and Shella Consultants's ability to provide candidates for our requirement?
Shella Consultants has an extensive computerized databank and also have contractual access to premier jobsites which contains large database for all industries meeting the International Standard.
What differentiates Shella Consultants from their competitors?
  1. Our Shortlisting and Selection process.
  2. Our reputation and goodwill in the market which enable us to attract more candidates.
  3. Our professional commitment to our clients and candidates.
  4. We stand guarantee for a candidates if they are demobilized within 3 months from the date of joining . on account of non performance , medical unfit, refusal of work.
What is the estimated time frame required to successfully mobilize selected candidates to the Employer after acceptance of a job offer?
  1. Bluecollar Workers: on receipt of the visa the selected candidates can travel within 15 days.
  2. Whitecollar: on receipt of the visa the selected candidates can travel within 15 days .

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